The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness

The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness is a humorous novel about the way that the entire consumerism process can drive one crazy. It was written by Chris Pine, who is best known for his roles in movies like The Hunger Games and Captain Phillips.

Thomas Schaffner is a professor of economics at the UniverThe Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madnesssity of Chicago, where he has been teaching for 30 years. He believes that when people go shopping they have an expectation that they will get the best deal.

Unfortunately, Thomas Schaffner’s experiences in the book make it clear that most people are completely wrong. In fact, they are often very unpleasant and drive consumers crazy.

One of the things that The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness emphasizes is that while people do go shopping to find a bargain, many of them don’t know what they are getting into before they go shopping. They buy items because they believe them to be cheap, but in fact they end up paying more in the long run.

For example, Thomas Schaffner’s experience with a particular type of foam rubber toy was one that caused him to spend nearly $20 in order to get rid of it. As it turns out, it wasn’t the toy itself that were expensive, but the shipping and handling charges.

For The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness, Thomas Schaffner doesn’t try to sell anything. Instead, he tries to sell the average person on the importance of taking care of their own self, and buying only from reliable, reputable sources.

It is ironic that just as a large chunk of the American population is trying to get away from Black Friday in order to avoid such inhumane practices, consumerism is on the rise again. As always, the people that lose out are the ones that can least afford it.

For a smart, tough, and well-informed look at what is happening in the economy today, The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness is a must read. It does not take any of the usual anti-consumerism polemics that we see so often in the media or elsewhere.

Rather, it looks at the issue from a real human perspective and explores the negative emotions that often result. Most of all, Thomas Schaffner can relate to the very real struggles that so many people have when trying to figure out how to save money on holiday purchases.

Ultimately, Thomas Schaffner doesn’t suggest that you stop shopping altogether, though he does encourage you to keep track of the things that you buy so that you can avoid purchasing them. This is a good idea, since if you find that you are spending money on items that you would really benefit from purchasing elsewhere, you will be able to take care of those purchases in the future.

For some people, the kind of consumerism that results from Black Friday is actually an asset. Others, however, will definitely want to read this book, and find out for themselves the reasons why Thomas Schaffner wants you to avoid these consumerist practices.

The Antidote to Black Friday Consumer Madness is an interesting read that is filled with insights that are necessary to help you understand what Black Friday is really all about. Buy it, and get the insight you need to avoid the traps that it points out.