Lower Class Enjoys All Benefits

Lower Class Enjoys All BenefitsWith an eye on the next elections, the entire political system works on overdrive to woo the lower class, which is typically at the bottom of the economic pyramid. This assumes more significance since each member has a vote, and the total population of the lower class is fairly large, particularly in the poorer regions of the world. When such huge populations belong to the lower class in any region, it gives enough scope to the political machinery to keep themselves busy for their cause.

All kinds of promises are made to woo the lower class. These could include providing free electricity for houses or farm activity, free or highly subsidized food grains through the public distribution system, employment to eligible members in each household, free land for housing, free education in government schools, free books to students, free meals in schools, free transport in government buses and trains, free medical treatment, subsidized fuel for cooking, free night shelters for the homeless, free old-age pension, extra benefits to the girl child, low-interest loans, free training for skills. The list does not end here. As elections approach, the lower class may also be seen to be coerced by offers of cash, or even popular household goods like television sets etc.

These measures provide great relief to the members of the lower class since their financial conditions would otherwise not allow them to survive in the harsh economic environment where prices of all basics goods have risen beyond their reach, and they do not have any hope of ever earning enough to meet their own needs.