Creating Long Lasting Relationships at Work

There is no hard and fast rule that working environments are only for professional relationships. In the modern era, working professionals spend a lot of time at work. In fact, they spend almost all their time at work. So it is inevitable that they develop personal bonds with their colleagues.Creating Long Lasting Relationships at Work

Have not we heard numerous stories of how colleagues became friends? These same people then went on to start their own venture. A working place is ideal to create friendships. There is nothing wrong with it. Your human capital management director might say that it is best in the interest of the organization to keep only professional relationships. But does the heart listen?

Unlike before, you have to more open about your friends at your working place. This way, you will gain more trust. On the virtue of you acknowledge that you have the flexibility to develop personal relationships with colleagues, you will become a more affable person.

If you are a manager, developing personal relationships with people can have its advantages along with the disadvantages. The advantages being that your team members will be more loyal to you. They will understand you better and always stand by you. The disadvantages are that they might take you for granted. And then there is this problem of familiarity. Once they get to know the softer side of you, you might be taken advantage of.

But let’s think positively. The disadvantages are just speculations. Creating long-lasting bonds at the workplace has its plusses. Even when you leave the organization, your bridge to it remains open to you. You can call upon your organization anytime.