6 Ways to Help your Blog Reach Full Potential

This may come as something of a shock to some people, but not everybody in the world is a great writer. Those Nobel Prizes for Literature are not just handed out to some random yahoo they picked up off the street.6 Ways to Help your Blog Reach Full Potential

When it comes to putting together great words, a lot of bloggers are, to put it kindly, less than optimal. However, there are ways to take your blog from being ordinary into the realm of being extraordinary. Let’s take a look at some of those ways.

1. Practice for Someone Else

When you first start learning to write, you are going to be bad at it. Your sentences are either going to sound like a tentative child wrote them or like they were scribbled on the coffee shop wall by someone who has had one cappuccino too many for their own good. Almost nobody starts off as a heavy talent. But you can learn, and a lot of people will all but pay you to get better by focusing on their instructions. A lot of employers are very forgiving and will help you a lot.

2. Keep a “Beater” Blog

If you have one blog that you want to have become great, you might want to practice your riskier ideas on a blog that you don’t care about. A good idea is to write what you’re thinking about on your beater blog, and then read it a few days later. If it still sounds good, clean it up one last time and put it on your more beloved blog.

3. Take a class

There are a lot of online writing courses out there you can take. Every one of them will give you honest assessments of both your technical ability and your skill at handling a particular “voice”. If you don’t know what that is, a class will help you learn it and practice it.

4. Dictate Your Thoughts on the Computer

One of the best ways to write is to just write like you talk. This way you’ll be congruent with it, and nobody will think you’re just trying to put up a front. This will also tell you the real problems with how you communicate. Do you start thoughts and not finish them? Do you sound like you’ve come from the backwoods and never quite left? This will tell you the harsh truth.

5. Hire an editor

Many of the best writers in the world are simply that good because they have great editors. These people look for more than just spelling and grammar. They tell you whether you’re easy to follow, and how you can improve.

6. Read other blogs

It never hurts to take some inspiration from others. Look at what they do well, and seek to imitate it. Learn from their mistakes.

When it comes to writing a great blog, you’ll be in good company. Just keep working, and you will make something great. How will you improve your writing?