3 Reasons Why You Want to Work for Cricket Communications

When looking for a job, you shouldn’t just apply anywhere. There are lots of good companies that aim to treat their employees with respect and provide them with benefits that they can really take advantage of.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Work for Cricket CommunicationsCricket Communications is one of those companies, and has even won awards — namely the Best Companies for Hourly Employees by Working Mother magazine. Here are three reasons to work for Cricket:

1. Benefits

Many companies are stingy when it comes to benefits. If you aren’t a full-time employee, you aren’t likely to qualify for health insurance and other benefits, but at Cricket, you qualify for health insurance by just working 30 hours or more a week. Cricket also helps employees by providing a subsidized gym facility so that employees have a place to exercise and stay healthy. Some employees may even be given a prepaid Blackberry phone to use, depending on their role in the company.

2. Corporate Culture

Another reason to consider Cricket for employment is the culture that is created by the company’s leadership. According to senior vice president of human resources for Cricket, Len Stephens, “Our hourly employees are the key… so it makes good business sense for us to develop and sustain a work environment that supports inclusion, promotes productivity and ensures that each employee can realize success.”

3. Education for Employees

Cricket is also committed to providing the benefit of education opportunities for employees. One way this is done is through tuition reimbursement. Another way is through on-the-job skills training.

All employees want to feel valued and important. Cricket aims to provide that for its employees.